Celebrating 30 Years of Huntingdon House

We are excited to be back for another year of walking for a purpose. The Walk to End Violence is back for the fourth year, and we’re aiming to make it bigger and better than ever. This year’s Walk to End Violence is sure to be a special event because it will be the kick off to the celebration of the 30th anniversary of Huntingdon House.

On July 1, 1986, Huntingdon House became an independent non-profit organization. For the past 30 years, our organization has been dedicated to providing a safe place for survivors. This would not have been possible without the assistance of numerous people who have devoted themselves to this work over the years. At the Walk, we would like to take the opportunity to recognize those who have made a contribution to Huntingdon House over the years. If you or someone you know worked or volunteered or served on the Board of Directors, please contact Nicole Houck at nicolehouck@huntingdonhouse.net so we can reach out to them for a special recognition ceremony at the Walk to End Violence 2016.